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Thursday, January 20, 2005
We have Dane Cook tickets for next Friday and chances are.. you don't.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Some very recent and not-so-recent events:

1.) My accidently called my mom tonight. We've been fighting and not talking for about a week. You'd have to know how disgustingly close we are to understand how long of a week it's been. I called her apartment trying to call the voicemail and got suckered into hearing the not-so-fresh tales of her "boyfriend." Highlight: she physically attacked him. Kicked, punched, bit, scratch, and anything else you can think of. She also accused me of being a horrible horrible daughter, but in fewer words than that.

2.) Boy takes a bath. Kitten is intrigued by the water and the possibility of the tub swallowing boy whole. Kitten gets closer.. and closer.. and then into the tub he goes. Tons of damage done to Paul. Kitten walks away not having learned a lesson.

3.) I talked to the love of my brother's life tonight. I had not talked to nor seen her in nearing two years. She's so excited, happy, and sober. All three new things for her. Her kids are so grown up it's sick.. and it makes me remember this one time when we were at the gas station and we think someone was being murdered but didn't bother to check it out.

4.) Conflict, lots of it. DM, Mo, and myself. Two on one. DM loses.. and looks like an ass.

5.) The laundry that has accumulated weighs more than all three of us combine. It's taking over the apartment, the hallway, and most of the Historic District of Buffalo. People are harmed.

6.) Learn to use a better yogurt to wheat germ and flaxseed ratio. A lot better of a ratio.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Here I am... library card in hand, the key to books upon books of dangerous information. Not dangerous to most, but dangerous to our household. Books I've been craving for months, but unable to obtain a card from the local library, left me clueless on this subject. What dangerous subject? Our health.

Oh yes, it's the new year and everyone has their resolutions, however I've been planning this since we moved into our Buffalo studio apartment back in September. Gradually bringing it up on occasion so as not to scare Paul like a deer in headlights, and now, it's in the works.

I've only been reading at this point, lots of it though. Plus, note-taking, and web-page looking. Yes, yes indeed. I keep telling him he'll hate me for this and the truth of the matter is that he will.. and really, why shouldn't he? Who would like the girl that makes them sprinkle BroccoSprouts on top of their french fries for good health?

It's really going to be a drastic change from our dietary lifestyle as of right now. We don't eat well, and we only eat less than a handful of items. I was bad before we met but I'm even worse now. Paul has worse food habits than most small children, he is resistant to everything that isn't already something he likes. Simple as that.

.......this entry is a work in progress.......

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